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November 1st, 2013  
New technologies of tomorrow's world.

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Tell me a new story! Elated?
  By: Gautam Parekh
We love listening to stories and this can be traced back right to the times when we were put to sleep by our grand mom, watching Ramayana and Mogwli in the Jungle book to our close encounters with our friends in college to the recent times of being forced to watch the inconspicuous drama of ...
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Events Industry In India: Are We Heading Into A New Phase?
  By: Jude Rodrigues

The thought came across my mind just recently as I pondered upon how we have now stepped into an era where we so naturally initiate and execute events that happen beyond our borders and overseas. Probably years ago, when we had the opportunity to deliver our first international event, it must have been a thrilling ...

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